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Your exclusive source for original Evo and EHS skating products. Both lines of blades are engineered by Hagen Techniek in the Nederlands with uncompromising quality and craftmanship. Hagen Techniek blades won 7 of the 8 gold medals at the 2018 Olympic Games, and the past consecutive 8 overall world championship titles. Shop the world’s fastest blades only through Campbell Speed


Derrick Campbell

Derrick Campbell has been a part of 8 Olympic Games, 3 as an athlete, and 5 as a staff member. In 1998 he won an Olympic gold medal in the 5,000m relay event and over the course of his career has won 15 World Short Track Championship medals. 

After his retirement in 2000, Derrick graduated from the National Coaching Institute and began coaching at the University of Calgary. From 2006-2019 his athletes won 7 Olympic medals, 40 World Championship medals, and over 236 World Cup medals.

Inspired to apply his coaching and athletic experience to blade technology, Derrick then founded Evo in 2008. Driven by quality and innovation, Evo and its partners have since built some of the world’s fastest blades.

In 2019 Derrick and Campbell Speed partnered with Edward to introduce EHS, a company driven to advance existing blade materials and designs.


Edward Hagen

After a successful career as an elite long track, marathon and inline skater, Edward Hagen began developing various skating products in 1988. Initially his inventions included single piece inline frames and rigid jig designs before producing skating and inline parts for Maple, Viking and Zandstra.

In 2005 he began developing the pre-bent design for Bont where he continued to refine new technologies and accuracy.

In 2009 he joins the Evo team and is the master craftsman behind producing its tubes, cups and assembling processes. 

As an extension of 30 plus years producing some of the world’s fastest blades, in 2019 Edward partners with Campbell Speed to create EHS, the next level in blade technology.