Cambell speed

Welcome to Campbell Speed, your source for Evoskate Canada  skating products.
Both lines of blades are engineered by Hagen Techniek in the Nederlands with uncompromising quality and craftmanship.
Hagen Techniek blades won 7 of the 8 gold medals at the 2018 Olympic Games, and the past consecutive 8 overall world championship titles. Shop the world’s fastest blades only through Campbell Speed! 


Evoskate Canada offers it’s Evo blades built exactly to original specifications. Our blades continue to be produced by the same engineers at Hagen Techniek using the same manufacturing processes. Evoskate Canada’s Evo blades can only be purchased through Campbell Speed or through one of our retail partners.


 Master craftsman Edward Hagen creates a new generation in blade design with EHS. In collaboration with Campbell Speed, EHS’s innovative products are built on the experience and success developing some of the world’s fastest blades. EHS blades are manufactured in Heemskerk, Nederalnds by the experienced hands at Hagen Techniek. It uses the industry’s highest quality metals from only the Nederlands, Switzerland and Austria. With 5 models to choose from, EHS is sure to have the right blade for you!